"Yoga class with Elizabeth is a welcome respite. As an instructor she is perceptive and supportive, encouraging me to seek the balance between pushing myself and respecting the boundaries of my body. Her instructions are clear and precise, making it easy to follow the poses. I look forward to the practice every week and leave in a state of physical and mental peace.”

-Julie W.

“Yoga can be a benefit to your mind, body, and soul. Elizabeth is so informative in the most gentle ways. For me, learning learning the power of my breath is the best part of her class. I try to use this on and off the mat. Her reminder of the physical basics, her suggestions for adjustments or assistance with props, and her encouragement for advancement in postures is encouragingly beautiful. At the peaceful conclusion of our practice I feel relaxed, calm, and am look forward to my next visit with her. I am blessed to get to practice with someone who is constantly learning more about the power of of yoga. Namaste.”

-Vivian B.

“I used to be a yoga hater. I am a ‘go - go - go’ person and the very idea of sitting quietly was like being locked in a dark room with no way out. Then I came to Elizabeth’s class. I began to find myself slowly enjoying some peaceful moments with no post-it thoughts running through my head. Since being urged to go to yoga under doctor's orders I have come to love Tuesday - no matter the events that happen throughout my day, I make time for yoga. I have come to not only enjoy yoga, not only love yoga, but in fact have made it a part of me - I discovered the true benefits of yoga. My planks are more sturdy, I can stretch my hamstrings longer, I can work out tight muscles using various poses I have learned in class but most importantly to me, I have improved my breathing while I train for a marathon. I usually have panic attacks which affects my breathing and then I hit that wall that every runner dreads. But when the panic attacks come, I do the breath work and with more fluid, easy breathing, I punch through that wall. Better yet - the day after yoga I am 45 second better in my pace than I am 3 - 4 days out from yoga class. That may sound like nothing - but to a runner 45 seconds is everything!!! So, I am truly grateful to you Elizabeth, for giving my mind, body, and soul an outlet to listen to nothing and let everything go. It helps in class, it helps in times of extreme stress but more importantly it helps when I am running...I could never thank you enough for being an awesome yoga teacher. You truly are one-of-a-kind and I am grateful for every Tuesday."

— Kristina B.


"I have taken yoga classes before, but the instructor, Elizabeth Moses, made this class so much different, I am so glad I found this class. The culture made [it] comfortable and safe. Thank you, Elizabeth, for an awesome class!"

— Diane


"I learned from you how to stay safe in yoga. Yours was a class where I always felt safe and guided. I can take what I learned and apply it in other classes and activities."

— Emily M.