Where can I Park?

The studio is located on Pulteney Street, at the back of a shared lot, with a handful of spots exclusively belonging to the studio. Much of the time plenty of overflow spaces are available, and you are welcome to park in any spaces that aren’t marked with official signs (ex: white cinder-block building on the right as you enter has such signs.) Please drive slowly and patiently in the lot. If you’d prefer, or space in the lot is limited, marked parking is typically ample on both sides of Bridge Street, regular street parking on one side of Ontario Street, and very close is Decatur Street.

what is your arrival and departure policy?

To keep belongings secure and to maintain the aura of the practices, the exterior doors will be locked at the start of classes. Please work to arrive 10 minutes before the start of class to ensure enough time to check in and settle in. If you cannot stay for the duration of class, please come to a different offering. We appreciate your consideration which allows us all to enjoy uninterrupted classes. (For this same reason please silence and turn off vibrations on mobile devices and stow them with your personal belongings in the vestibule as they are not permitted in the practice space.)

“We start on time to honor the practice, we end on time to honor the student.”

do i need to “join” the studio or can i just drop in?

Drop-ins are very welcome! If you plan to come to class each week or a few times a week, do yourself a favor and check out class packages for the best price. Unlimited class membership is available. (Unlimited is for group yoga classes and does not include workshops, Yoga Therapy, or private yoga.)

i am traveling and don’t have a yoga mat… can i rent one?

We’ll do you one better—you can simply borrow one of the studio’s Manduka Pro mats! If you have your own gear it’s ideal to use that, but for the times when that’s not possible we have you covered.

I have allergies to fragrances and essential oils… do you use them at your studio?

We aim to provide an environment that is welcoming to all—we ask you please refrain from wearing scents/fragrances to class so that we can all breathe easy! Much thanks.

We do not use incense or oils in the studio and our candles are flame-less, though please know the mats are cleaned with a Manduka mat cleaner that do contain plant oils. (Unavoidable warranty compliance.) If this is an issue, please feel free to bring your own or borrow one of the non-Manduka mats cleaned with vinegar. Please let your teacher know of sensitivity when you arrive, so they can see that any mat spray is used after you leave the space.

Do you offer _______ yoga?

Offerings are bound to change periodically and evolve as the studio becomes more developed. If there is a type/style/school you are interested in, contact Elizabeth. At Crystal Heart Yoga we mean to offer something for everyone.

What is Yoga Therapy?

(Starting this Fall)

Yoga Therapy happens by appointment and is focused on working with individuals to alleviate their pain and suffering. Yoga Therapists work with conditions that are particularly hard to deal with through customized practices, breath, and other methods that empower individuals to manage, mitigate, or heal causes of suffering. If there is a specific symptom or chronic health condition, a Yoga Therapist will work with a client using yoga techniques to address their specific need set. If you were directed by a medical professional to go to “yoga,” a yoga therapy session is an ideal opportunity to assess and address the concern. While a general yoga class is a valuable experience, is not necessarily therapeutic for pathologies and ailments. If your regular yoga practice, exercise, or activities are hurting your body, Yoga Therapy may help. If you want to know if Yoga Therapy could possibly work for your own physical or non-physical condition, feel free to use the contact form to ask via message.