What's happening at the studio and when?!

So glad you asked! :- ) Forming a brand new business is hard work! Especially for someone who chose a life path that is seemingly antithetical to the business of business. Still, the challenge has been rewarding and all the timelines are syncing up for the best outcome all around. Here is what’s happening:

August 5th through the first week in September Elizabeth invites students to come and take some classes before the official Grand Opening, allowing teacher and students to get a feel for the space, mat orientation, lighting, etc. This is open to all, understanding that the space is not yet furnished and "complete.” My husband and I are building lovely shelves for studio props (which I have ready and waiting,) we are seeking out some small furnishings for the offices and bathrooms, and budgeting for a washer/dryer and filtered drinking fountain in the vestibule to help reduce single-use plastic bottles in the studio, among other things. It will take some time to get everything perfect, but in the meantime there is a good sized space and I mean for us to use it!

There WILL be weekend offerings! But in this formative month we need the weekends to build things, move things, make things lovely, and get the hang of the management aspect of the studio. Watch for added offerings as we go through the fall.

Elizabeth Moses